Thursday, May 28, 2009

More right elevator work

Finished dimpling the right elevator skin with the DRDT-2 and deburred the edges. Deburred and dimpled the counterweight skin, the stiffeners, and a couple of ribs.

I beveled the counterweight skin at the lap joint with the elevator skin as instructed in the manual. It wasn't obvious what the manual was asking me to do, so I dug up some posts on VAF. Basically it's just putting a notch in the counterweight skin so that the elevator skin will rest into it instead of laying entirely on top of it. I will also roll the elevator skin when my edge roller arrives. Upon reading further, I believe I'm actually supposed to taper the edge of the counterbalance skin so that it's not a sharp bump for the elevator skin to sit on. What I did doesn't hurt, but it's probably not necessary if the lap joint is rolled properly.

Trimmed the lead counterweight according to the diagram (though I can't seem to find a reference to do so in the manual). Used the drill press to drill a radius at the specified place and used the bandsaw to cut to the hole.

Spent some time reading ahead in the manual. I feel I'm getting close to "prime time". Can't wait to start riveting everything together. I bet it's going to go together very fast from then on.

Time spent: 3 hours (58 total)

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