Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More HS work, and my first oops

Tonight I continued work on the horizontal stabilizer. Stacey helped me flute some ribs, and I started attaching the ribs to the spars. Here are a couple of neat shots of the structure with most of the ribs in place:

I marked and drilled the left side most inboard main rib, and I was fairly satisfied with the result. However, when I marked the corresponding right side rib, I had the part flipped around. The end result is that I have two ribs drilled for the left side. Here is a shot of the correct drilling pattern:

And here is a shot of my oops:

I don't see any way of safely using this part (besides maybe as a spare left side if I screw that part up somehow), so I ordered a new one from Vans. I can keep moving forward with the HS a little while longer, but at some point I'll probably have to put it on hold until the new rib arrives. While I'm waiting I can always move on to the vertical stabilizer.

Time spent: 1 hour (14 total)

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