Friday, May 1, 2009

Gentlemen... start your engines!

I have actual progress to report tonight. I actually assembled something! It only took me a week!

Before I could get started I needed to pick up a scotch brite wheel for my grinder. I bought something at the local hardware store, but it turned out to be not what I wanted at all. I found an industrial supply store (Abbot Treat Industrial) that carries 3M products and is not far from home. They were super friendly, and they even opened the store up for me when I showed up five minutes after they had already closed. I plan to stop back in soon to shop around - there's lots of neat stuff in there.

Anyways, armed with my new scotch brite wheel, I went to work on the HS-609PP rear spar reinforcement bars. I rouned the ends and rounded the edges that rest against the corner of the rear spars. Then I clecoed the reinforcement bars to the spars.

Why stop there? I then attached the main ribs, final drilled the elevator hinge brackets and attached them, and then I drilled the HS-411BPP bracket to the HS411-APP bracket and the VA-146 bearing. This is the "elevator junction" which will connect to the elevator horns (you'll see).

Why stop there? Once I was done with the rear spar, I started on the front spar. I clecoed both front spar channels to the HS-710 and HS-714 reinforcement angle.

Here are the front and rear spar assemblies so far:

Here is a set of elevator hinge brackets clecoed in place:

Here is the "elevator junction" clecoed in place:

Here are the reinforcement angles clecoed to the front spar channels:

Don't let these pictures fool you. It's not as far along as it might appear. I have done very little match drilling, almost no deburring, and no dimpling or priming. It has a long way to go before I can start driving rivets, but that's ok. It feels great just to make any progress at all.

Time Spent: 2 hours (5 total)

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