Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bandsaw wars and more HS work

Today I set out to purchase a bandsaw. Unfortunately my closest Home Depot was out of stock, so I picked one up at Lowes.

WARNING: Do not buy this product!

The first thing I noticed when I opened the box is that the little fence it comes with was snapped in two pieces. When I did set it up, the side door did not want to close properly, and then when we turned it on, the motor just buzzed and the overload switch tripped. What a POS!!! After about 30 minutes of making sure it wasn't my fault (had I missed something in the setup?) I returned the POS to Lowes and drove to the next closest Home Depot to pick up a Ryobi.

Wow, what a difference! Setup was a snap, no broken parts, and the motor spun up when I flipped the ON switch. What a concept!

With my new toy I went back to work tapering those reinforcement bars:

Using two blocks of wood, a rubber mallet, and a digital level, I put a 6° bend on each side of the reinforcement bars. I finished the bend relief notches in the front HS spar channels with a precision sanding bit in the Dremel, bent the ends of those to 6°, and then clecoed the front HS spar in place.

It almost looks like an airplane part:

I notched the flanges on two of the ribs to fit around the reinforcement bars:

Then I started fluting ribs. Here is a before and after of one of the leading edge ribs:

Time Spent: 4 hours (13 total)

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