Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Right elevator work

I drilled the two counterweight attach holes to full size. I finished assembling the understructure and I clecoed it in place with the elevator skin.

According to the plans, I should have already riveted the stiffeners on and I should have finished the bend in the trailing edge of the skin. However, since I am aiming to prime all the parts at once, I have not yet riveted the stiffeners on, and so I cannot finish the bend in the trailing edge or else I fear I will be unable to reach in there and buck those rivets. Instead of clecoing the whole skin to the understructure, I just did one side at a time (top, then bottom). It should have no impact on the quality of work.

I match drilled the skin to the understructure, and finished match drilling any remaining holes in the understructure. I disassembled the elevator, dimpled the counterweight skin for #10 screws, and countersunk the counterweight to accept the dimpled skin.

I deburred all the holes in the elevator skin (except the leading edge and the tip fairing attach holes which I assume will be drilled later). I dimpled all of the holes in the skin that I could reach with my hand squeezer.

Time spent: 3.5 hours (55 total)

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