Thursday, April 30, 2009

Primer Wars

Last night my dad brought over a compressor which is great news because there's not much I can do without one. Before I begin my empennage kit I need to decide which priming technique I'm going to use. I wanted to compare the 3-step process of Alumiprep, Alodine, and AZKO with an off the shelf self etching primer. So after work I stopped by the closest Auto Zone and picked up a couple of cans of Rustoleum self etching primer.

When I got home I resumed work on the practice project and completed everything I could do before I needed to start riveting. I brought the spar, ribs, siffeners, and trailing edge up to the garage to prime. I Aumiprepped and Alodined all of the parts. I've heard that some people skip that step with self etching primer, but I wanted to give the Rustoleum the best shot possible. I used the Rustoleum on two of the stiffeners, and I used AZKO on everything else. It took me a little while to get used to the sprayer (dialing in the right pressure and liquid flow) but by the last few parts I was getting a nice thin coat. I can already see a difference between the two products, but I will reserve my verdict until I've let them cure overnight.

Tomorrow I have Josh all day so I probably won't have any time for the project. My next task will be to complete the practice project so I'm warmed up for riveting, then it's on to the real thing.

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