Friday, April 24, 2009

Empennage Kit Arrives

Today my empennage kit arrived via FedEx. In fact, the FedEx guy attempted delivery on the first box yesterday, but nobody was home to sign. I had the first box containing the skins and stiffeners held at the FedEx facility and picked them up myself. I figure the longer it's in the delivery guy's hands, the more chance there is for it to be damaged. The second box containing the preview plans and smaller parts arrived later in the afternoon. I have no idea why the packages were on two different delivery schedules, but who cares! I have my first real parts!

Here is the first box:

And here is the 2nd:

I'd love nothing more than to rip into these boxes and inventory and organize the parts, but Sunday is my wife's birthday and we're going to Portsmouth for the weekend. Patience..... I will start digging in on Sunday evening after we get back.

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