Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Alumiprep and Alodine

My primer shipment arrived from Aircraft Spruce this afternoon, so I thought I'd play with the Alumiprep and Alodine process during my lunch break. I finished deburring one of the stiffeners from the practice kit and headed up to the garage. Looking back, I should have dimpled it too. Oh well... it's just a practice part. I poured a 5:1 ratio of the Alumiprep into a Dixie cup and applied with a foam brush, then rinsed with water. Once that was almost dry, I poured a little Alodine into another Dixie cup and applied with another foam brush. The aluminum takes on a gold hue. I rinsed the part once more and set it out to dry. It seems simple enough. We'll see how I do with mixing and spraying the AZKO. I just need to pick up a compressor from my dad's house and I'll be ready to rock.

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