Monday, April 27, 2009

Cleaned the Basement

Not exactly the most exciting task for a new builder, but a necessary one. Over the two years we've lived here we have somehow amassed a treasure trove of junk - junk that has sprawled across the once spacious basement that will now serve as my workshop. Oh well, I'm sure this is just the first of many cleanup sessions over the coming years.

One thing I noticed tonight is that my basement stairs walk straight up to our back door. I had always expected to complete my empennage kit in the basement, and then I thought I would have to move up to the garage. However, I might just get away with building the wings in the basement too. I'd like to hold off on moving to the garage as long as I can for two reasons. First reason is we park our vehicles in there, and I am not anxious to go back to clearing eighteen inches of snow off of our cars. Second, though it's an attached garage, it gets mighty cold in the winter, and awfully hot in the summer.

Before I order the wing kit, I'll have to build a mock wing out of cardboard to see how easily I could extract it from the basement. Note to self: wings are not perfectly flat. I know a fellow who tried this same exercise and mistakenly concluded that his wings would fit through his bulkhead. Unfortunately his cardboard cutout was just flat cardboard and the thickness of the wing was enough to give him trouble. My mock wing should be shaped like a wing not only in length and width, but it should also have the right thickness.

After reading and rereading the plans, it looks like I neglected to pick up a couple of small tools. Unless I can find them at a local shop, I may have to wait for another order from Avery before I can get too far. Hopefully I'll be able to start some assembly this week.

It looks like my primer from Aircraft Spruce will be here tomorrow. Maybe I'll spend tomorrow evening getting familiar with the etching/priming process. In that area I'm as green as they come - I've never even used a sprayer. Luckily I still have a half-assembled practice project I can practice with.

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